Spotsylvania Farmers Market

Visiting the farmers market is one of our favorite activities. One of the best parts about shopping at the farmers market is that it’s fun!  We love seeing what the different vendors have to offer and just being in a lively environment. We really love going to the Spotsylvania Farmers Market because of its location and size. The parking is easy to find, and there’s lots of it. There are several vendors which means that there is a large selection with varying prices.

The Spotsylvania Farmers Market is the largest farmers market in the region and was founded in 1999. It is the only producer-only market in the area. To sell a product, the vendor must grow it, raise it or make it. 

Website: Spotsylvania Farmers Market

Locations & Hours:

Route 3-Gordon Road Commuter Lot — 12150 Gordon Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

April 9- December 17, 2022 8 am – 1 pm

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center — 4600 Spotsylvania Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Wednesdays, May 4 – September 7, 2022 2 pm – 6 pm

Visiting the farmers market has always been a learning experience for my kids. We usually end up spending at least an hour if not more during each visit. Here are four simple ways that have helped keep my kids engaged during our visits.

Budget Funds: Give kids a certain amount of money to spend however they like. It helps them learn to compare prices and figure out the best way to spend their allotted funds. Kids can learn how to choose ripe produce, weigh the desired amount and pay. This gives them a sense of independence.

Help Plan Menus: Let kids plan a menu or a special dish based on what they see at the market or with the purchases they’ve made. My kids are more apt to try something new if they’ve picked it out at the farmers market.

Participate in the Market’s Special Activities–During the summer months, the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center location holds special activities for the kids. Each child that participates gets $2 in market tokens to shop and choose their own produce. Unfortunately, this program has been postponed for 2021.

Teach the Value of Community–Supporting local farmers keeps the money in your community. Buying from them teaches kids about making an investment in their community.

Fredericksburg Farmers Markets

Hurkamp Park (Prince Edward and George Streets)

Opens April 16, 2022. It will run from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday through October. 

Mary Washington Hospital Farmers Market (1001 Sam Perry Blvd.)

Starting May 13, 2022, it will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the second and fourth Friday of every month until September.

North Stafford Farmers Market (163 Staffordboro Blvd Stafford, VA 22556)

It will run 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Sunday through November.

*Lookout for Mr. Cluck Cluck, the mask-wearing fabric fowl, who’ll be hidden in a different spot each Sunday. Correct answers get a dollar to shop with in the market.


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