Rappahannock Heritage River Trail

The Rappahannock River Heritage Trail is a 1.6 mile asphalt stretch that connects the two parts of the Canal Path making a 3.1 mile loop.

The trail, which is 10 feet wide, begins near the intersection of Princess Anne and Ford streets at one end of the Rappahannock Canal. It ends where Fall Hill Avenue crosses the canal. Beautiful views of the Rappahannock River, Old Mill Park and several historic mills are seen throughout the trail. The river overlook along Riverside Drive is amazing. This trail is great for walkers, joggers, skaters, and bike riders.

Part of the trail winds through Old Mill Park, where you can find free parking, picnic shelters, and restrooms. There’s also a great playground here for the kids. If you don’t want to park at Old Mill Park, there’s street parking along the river.

There are QR codes along this trail that provide interesting information and photographs relating to the surrounding area and Fredericksburg history.  They can be found on sign posts, handrails, and even trash cans, so look closely!

There are also a couple of art pieces along the way. The Fredericksburg Arts Commission selected three new self-supporting, outdoor public sculptures to be displayed in prominent locations in Fredericksburg for eleven months in 2020-21. Beacon is one of these three sculptures. Aman is a permanent work.

Aman evokes the floodplains of the Rappahannock. It is a fragmented and rearranged inversion of natural material and time recorded within it.

In Beacon, a profile of a child’s face represents the flame of a candle. The base of the sculpture forms the stylized candle and the child’s face rises from it.

Hours: Open all day, year round.

Location:  Intersection of Princess Anne and Ford Streets 

Trail Map: Rappahannock River Heritage Trail

My kids love this trail. There’s so much to explore especially along the river. The kayakers on the river are fun to watch as well.

Carl’s is not far from the Princess Anne/Ford Street entrance to the trail. It’s a great place to stop for a frozen custard treat.

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