Lavender Fields Herb Farm

Lavender Fields Herb Farm is the perfect spot for a wonderfully unique experience. The farm is only minutes from Richmond, where you will find a quaint farm store filled with unique gifts, raw local honey and all things lavender.  They sell the largest selection of Herb and Vegetable plants and all the gardening supplies you need to go with them. 

Location: 11300 Winfrey Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059 (~52 miles from Fredericksburg)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am – 5 pm / Open through July 3, 2021

Cost: $7/person which includes 20 fresh cut lavender stems, lavender sachet, and a sample of lavender ice cream. Children 3 and under are free.

Website: Lavender Fields Herb Farm

Lavender Fields Herb Farm’s lavender field has just under 200 lavender plants, showcasing 2 different varieties. It is best enjoyed in June. Their Lavender Tour at 11 am is FREE with a paid entrance to the field. Here you will learn more, not just about the lavender plant itself, but the oil and flowers it produces, and how they are used. No registration is necessary for the Lavender Tour. 

Picnicking is not allowed. Outside animals are not allowed either. The gift shop has a lot to offer….honey and products, ice cream, snacks and lots of herbal (Lavender) products. They also sell other herbs and plants.

The owner of the farm was very friendly and helpful. He showed us around and led the Lavender Tour.

When you arrive at the lavender field, you will be given a small paper sack. Inside will be a purple admission band, a ticket for lavender ice cream, and a small sachet which you will fill later with lavender. The purple admission band is mainly for the weekends when they have more guests. We did not have to put on the bands as there were only 7 of us in the field during our visit.

After a short lesson on cutting lavender, you will be free to go. The farm does provide garden clippers. The farm has both English and French lavender varieties. Number 5 preferred the English variety with it’s deep purple color, and Number 6 liked the French with the lighter color and lengthier stem.

Number 6 also loved reading all the fun fact cards placed around the lavender field. Here’s what a few of them said:

  • Lavender is a natural moth and silver fish repellant.
  • Lavender is a naturally relaxing and calming scent.
  • 300 lbs. of foliage is distilled to give 1 lb. of essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil is the purest form of lavender oil; not chemicals, just oil.

After cutting for a few minutes, we were called back for the Lavender Tour. The tour is basically a short sit down lesson about the lavender plant and how it is used. The owner has a small table and chairs/bench set up where the tour takes place. During the “tour” he displayed some dried lavender, lavender oil, a lavender sachet, and culinary lavender buds. The tour was informative and a nice little break from cutting.

After the tour, we finished cutting lavender. From there we headed back to the table area and filled out sachets with lavender buds. Oh, they smelled so good. Then we went back to the shop for our sample of lavender ice cream. The sample was yummy but not large enough. We wanted to stay in the airconditioned store to eat our ice cream, but it was too small. By that time the others from the field were in the store shopping. The small shop really has some fun lavender products. We ended up enjoying our ice cream outside under one of the trees.

There were three ladies in the lavender field while we were there. One looked so familiar. Later Number 5 told me that it was Makenna from Richmond’s Make-a-Wish. We have not been to a Make-a-Wish event for at least 2-3 years, and we’ve only met Makenna once. Sure enough…it was Makenna from Make-a-Wish. She was surprised that Number 5 remembered her face and name. What a small world!

After leaving the farm, we headed to Crump Park. Crump Park is only 4 miles from Lavender Fields Herb Farm.

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