The Road Scholar Scavenger Hunt

We were excited when we read about this scavenger hunt as we love spending time in downtown Fredericksburg. You can find all of the below information online or on the scavenger hunt guide from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center.

The Road Scholar has gone missing! He helps Fredericksburg stay informed on the best ways to travel, work, play, and visit the city when roads and bridges are under construction. This year, he has been helping the city research the history of the Chatham Bridge, which is currently under construction until Fall 2021. 

Here’s how you can help us bring him back to work:

  1. Download and print the Road Scholar Scavenger Hunt Sheet here OR pick one up from the Fredericksburg Visitor Center (706 Caroline Street) 
  2. Follow the 6 hints listed on the sheet that lead you to some of the Road Scholar’s favorite shops on Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg
  3. When you spot the Road Scholar in a shop window, pop inside and ask for a Scavenger Hunt Sticker and place it on your map
  4. Once you collect all 6 stickers, bring in your Scavenger Hunt Sheet to the Fredericksburg Visitor Center for a special prize

This scavenger hunt is free and for ages 4-10.

While at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, we found out a FREE App that helps “unlock” Fredericksburg. Check it out.

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