Lake Mooney

This 520-acre reservoir opened in 2014. Three years later in 2017, it opened to public fishing. The lake name (originally Rocky Pen Reservoir for its impounded stream) was changed to honor the late Stafford Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason Mooney.  The reservoir is steep sided and deep with moderate residential development along shorelines and features abundant submersed brush and rocky outcrops.  The stretch from the dam to the opposite side of the reservoir (the longest “finger”) is two miles. Mooney is a water supply for Stafford County.

Location: 495 Greenbank Road, Stafford, VA 22406 (~8 miles from Fredericksburg)

Hours of Operation: 8 AM to 8 PM mid-March through October 31, and from November 1 through mid-March; access is available from 8 AM to 5:30 PM. 

Cost: FREE!

Information: There is plenty of parking–a few paved slots and the rest on gravel. There are two family style public restrooms, 2 picnic tables and 4 benches. There is a boat launch. No swimming is allowed, and boat motors must be electric – no gas motors are permitted to be operated. . Kayaks and canoes are permitted.

Click HERE for more information about Lake Mooney.

I first heard about Lake Mooney from Number 1. Her friend introduced her to this lake when they went kayaking last summer. I remember her telling us how quiet and peaceful it was.

We decided to check it out. We don’t have any kayaks, and there are no rentals at Lake Mooney. We walked around the lake a bit and enjoyed our snack on one of the benches. Then we headed to check out the hiking trail. Thankfully, a Stafford Parks & Rec employee was driving through the parking lot and pointed us in the right direction.

The River View Trail is across the street from the parking lot. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a decent map of the hiking trail. There is a vague one on As you’re driving in the lake will be on your right and the trail head on your left. Look for this sign marking the trail.

The trail is beautiful. The path in is a bit grassy and then it turns into a dirt path in the trees. The Stafford employee said that the signage for the trail is still a work in progress. He said there are river views on the trail, but we never made it that far. We did see a cool stream, though. We can’t wait to go back and check out the rest of this trail.

Update-4/24/2021: We headed back to the trail with some friends. This time we followed it all the way to the river. There are nice views of the river, but you can’t get close to the river. The trail is not clearly marked. On our way out the kids played at the stream for awhile. They found frogs, crawfish, and some salamanders.

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