Walnut Hill Farm @ Elm Springs LLC

Farm Chores 101

Farm Chores 101 is a fun morning of feeding and watering the barnyard animals, collecting eggs, holding baby goats, catching chickens, driving the RTV, lots of picture taking, and much, much more. This is approximately a three-hour program, and there is an associated $8.00 fee. This event is limited to 10 participants, therefore pre-registration is required.

The event is held at Walnut Hill Farm @ Elm Springs. Walnut Hill Farm @ Elm Springs is a family owned farm that specializes in historic animal breeds. It is a working farm that also offers a variety of classes like farm fencing and box gardening.

Location: 449 Kellogg Mill Road, Falmouth, VA 22406 (~12 miles from Fredericksburg)

Hours: Follow Facebook for updated tours and classes

Contact: Farmer Jeff @ 540-809-4271 or jvadams@verizon.net

Website: walnuthillfarmva.com

B and A were so excited to head to Walnut Hill Farm @ Elm Springs to help with the farm chores. We were greeted by Dutchess the 14-year old farm dog. She’s old and feisty and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Our morning began with a brief introduction by Farmer Jeff, and then Farmer Jeff put us to work feeding the chickens and collecting their eggs. The next three hours were spent feeding and watering the rest of the animals (goats, sheep, cows, pigs, ducks, rabbits, turkey, and donkeys). The kids had so much fun and really got a workout with all the farm chores. They especially loved holding the baby goats and catching chickens.

Farmer Jeff is very knowledgeable and very patient. We enjoyed working with him and his kind and hardworking farm hand, Sandra. They encouraged us to ask questions. We learned a lot and kept busy. The three hours flew by. The kids didn’t want the visit to come to an end.

A highlight of the tour was bottle feeding a 3-month old Devon bull calf named Eli. There are less than 2,000 Devons in the United States and only 10-15 are bottle fed. This was definitely a memorable experience. The kids also enjoyed driving the RTV. B also enjoyed filling the trough with water from the farm’s lake. A really enjoyed chasing and catching the chickens.

We will be back.

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