Family Adventures VA Finds FXBG Fun in 2021

Do you live in Fredericksburg, VA, or are you planning a visit there this year?  If so, you need to keep reading.  I recently stumbled onto a great find, and it’s worth your time.  It’s called FXBG Fun.  Basically, you earn points for doing what you love.  When you’ve earned 2021 points, you’ll receive an FXBG Fun prize and you’ll be entered in a quarterly drawing to win a bonus prize.  I love guaranteed prizes!

For several weeks now, I’ve seen emails, flyers, and videos promoting FXBG Fun. At first glance, it looked too complicated, so I didn’t bother.  This past week I spent time taking a better look at the program, and the whole process is really quite easy.  When I started looking at all the things my children and I have been doing around Fredericksburg, I was surprised by how many points I had already accumulated.  If you’re local or just visiting, you can play and win!

I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can set up an account and be on your way to earning some great prizes.  Who knows…you may be surprised by how many points you have after entering activities you’ve already been doing.

Setting up your own FXBG Passport in 1 minute
  • Head to to create your passport. 
  • Check out the Activities List to see how you can earn points.  You may see that you’re already eligible for some points.
  • There’s even a list of pre-made itineraries you can follow if you need some inspiration.
  • Use the Create/Edit Passport link to add activities you’ve completed to your passport. 
  • After you’ve earned 2021 verified points, you’ll be eligible for prizes. 
  • Prizes are awarded at the end of each quarter.  Don’t worry.  If you haven’t reached 2021 points by the end of a quarter, they are carried into the next.
  • Remember…the fun needs to be in the 22401 zip code.  

The third quarter ends September 30.  That’s in two months!  If you accumulate 2021 points by September 30, perfect!  You’ll be eligible to win some great prizes, and you’ll be able to participate in the 4th quarter as well.  More prizes!  If you don’t collect 2021 points by September 30, no worries.  The points you’ve accumulated will follow you to the 4th quarter making it easier to accumulate 2021 points by December 31, 2021.  

FXBG Fun really is for everyone!  You have nothing to lose!  Start supporting local businesses and be on your way to some great prizes.  

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