Family Adventures VA Wowed by Point Accumulation!

Last month I stumbled onto FXBG Fun and set up an account and passport.  FXBG Fun is a program where you earn points and are rewarded for doing what you love in Fredericksburg, VA.  When you’ve earned 2021 points, you’ll receive an FXBG Fun prize and be entered in a quarterly drawing to win a bonus prize.  If you haven’t set up a passport, you can start by watching my short how-to video here or read my post here.

As I started entering all the activities my children and I have been doing around Fredericksburg, I was surprised by how many points we had already accumulated.  After entering all these activities, we had 1,800 points!!

Click here to watch a 26-second video of what we did to accrue all these points.

You can view FXBG Fun activities and their point values here.  Here’s the breakdown of what we did:

  • FredNats baseball game x 4 = 600 points
  • Eating in Fredericksburg restaurants  = 0 points for now
    • Earn 100 points for every $50 you spend collectively
    • We visited Benny Vitali’s, Sweet Reasons Cupcakes, & the Italian Station and are close to hitting $50.  
  • Road Scholar Scavenger Hunt x 1 = 50 points (Two children participated, but you’re only allowed to enter one.)
  • Color Paint the Town (set 1) postcards x 1 = 50 points
  • Color Paint the Town (set 2) postcards x 1 = 50 points
  • Historical Sites & Museums 
    • Mary Washington House x 2 = 100 points
    • Rising Sun Tavern x 2 = 100 points
    • Hugh Mercer Apothecary x 3 = 150 points
    • James Monroe Museum x 4 = 200 points
    • Historic Kenmore x 3 = 150 points
  • Sharing on social media x 14 = 350 points
    • Sharing your participation in any of the FXBG Fun activities on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #fxbgfun earns you 25 points for each publicly viewable post. I had been sharing all of our activities with the hashtag #fxbgfun even before I knew about this program. Score!

Do you like to eat out?  Save your receipts.  If the restaurants are located in the 22401 zip code, you’ll get points.  Do you like to shop locally?  Save your receipts.  Have you been attending FredNats games?  Save your ticket stubs. You can easily rack up points just by attending a game.  A family of 6 earns 900 points just for attending one FredNats game.  Do you like to visit historical sites and museums?  Visit sites in the 22401 zip code and make sure to pick up an FXBG Fun Historic Ticket for each person in your group. These are located inside the museums and historic sites.  Would you rather stay home and earn points?  There are several virtual activities available.  For example, you can complete the virtual Palindrome Challenges and receive up to 1,050 points. There are so many activities in which to participate.  

FXBG Fun really is for everyone!  Grab your phone or computer, log into your account, add activities you’ve been doing and see how many points you’ve already accumulated.  In no time you’ll have 2021 points and will be eligible for so many great prizes.  You have nothing to lose!  

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