Family Adventures VA Crushes FXBG Fun’s 3rd Quarter

We did it!  We were able to accumulate 2021 points for FXBG Fun’s 3rd quarter.  In fact, we did even better than that. We ended the 3rd quarter with a whopping 4500 points!  Boy were we surprised!  It really was easier than we thought.  

If you’re new to FXBG Fun, check out my blog post here to get set up. You can even visit our second post that shows how we started out with 1800 points after entering activities we had already been doing. You can view FXBG Fun activities and their point values here.

Here are a few of our tips:

Share, share, share:   Sharing your participation in any of the FXBG Fun activities on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #fxbgfun earns you 25 points for each publicly viewable post. Sharing the same activity on Instagram AND Facebook will give you 50 points per activity! I had been sharing all of our activities with the hashtag #fxbgfun even before I knew about this program. Score!

You can even earn 25 points each time you share your page through the tools provided on your individual passport page. This is another easy way to gather those points.

Save, save, save:  Save all your receipts.  We rarely if ever spend more than $50 at one spot.  To get 100 points you have to spend a collective total of $50 at local stores or restaurants in the 22401 zip code.  We started saving all of our receipts–a cookie here, a slice of pizza there, etc.  They all add up.  At the end of the quarter we went through all of our saved receipts and were surprised to find out that we had enough spending for over 400 collective points. That sure helped our total.  

Virtual, virtual, virtual: Don’t shy away from online activities.  We learned so much about Fredericksburg by participating in the Palindrome Day Challenges.  You can earn up to 1050 points by completing them.  With those points alone, you will be more than halfway to the goal of 2021 points.  There are also some additional free virtual activities that will boost your score by 250 points.  

Fun, fun, fun:  Have fun!  There are so many different ways to accumulate 2021 points this holiday season.  Check out these links for some inspiration: Holidays in the Burg and Fredericksburg Winter Holiday Event Guide. Make sure your activities fall in the 22401 zip code. If you haven’t already started, create that passport!  There are only 7 weeks left in this quarter.  That’s plenty of time!  You won’t regret it.  

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