Liberty Mills Farm – Somerset, VA

One of the largest corn mazes in the country!
34 acres!

9166 Liberty Mills Road, Somerset, VA 22972 (~1 hour from FXBG)

Check the website for operating hours.

We have been wanting to visit Liberty Mills Farm for years, and we finally made it! Our plan was to try three of the mazes. Well, that flopped after getting stuck in our first maze for 3 hours! We could have finished the maze quickly, but we were adamant about finding all 14 trivia questions and answering them.

After our maze adventure, we took a hay wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patch visitors are left at the patch for about 20 minutes. There are wheelbarrows and clippers available to use. We weren’t purchasing pumpkins so we just walked around the patch for the allotted time. If we had been smart, we would have just stayed on the wagon.

Corn Maze

Runs September 10 – November 13, 2022
The maze is divided into 4 different trails

  • Story Maze: Trail with story stations. Takes approximately 30 min. to visit all the stations.
  • Trivia Maze: 14 trivia questions based on the year’s theme. This is supposed to take approximately an hour to complete. (It took us three!)
  • Hole Punch Maze: 21 punch stations. We wanted to do this maze but ran out of time since the trivia maze took us so long.
  • Mystery Maze: No maps to guide you on this maze. Takes at least an hour.

Flashlight mazes on Saturday nights starting at 6 pm through Nov. 5.


General Weekend Admission: (Daytime Friday/Saturday/Sunday): $15 per person
Weekday Admission (Mon/Wed/Thurs):  $10 per person
Flashlight Maze Admission
: $16 per person
All Day Saturday Pass: $20 per person

Because it is a holiday, Oct. 10, 2022, counts as a weekend admission day.

General Admission includes: Corn Maze, Hay Wagon Ride, & Playground.

If you do not want to participate in any of the mazes, you can visit the pumpkin patch for $5 per person. This includes the hay wagon ride to the patch. The hay wagon ride only runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Things to bring to the maze:

  • Water
  • Bug Spray
  • Snacks

Tips: You’ll save money buy purchasing your tickets at the farm store. Online adds two different fees. We purchased 4 weekend tickets. With all the fees our online total came to $72.20. At the farm store we paid $60 for four tickets.

Play Area: With your general admission, you are able to visit the large open play area. There’s a wooden tractor structure, a silo slide, stepping logs, and a long tunnel. Plus, there are benches and picnic tables.

Tractors: They have a large John Deere collection throughout the farm and inside the farm store.

Food: You can bring your own food. The farm store sells homemade ice cream that is churned by a John Deere tractor! There are food trucks during the weekends.

Animals: We were able to see Shadow the dog and some cows. Pets are not allowed on the farm.

Restrooms: There are several port-o-johns near the farm store and another bank near the play area. There are several sanitizer bottles as well.

The farm is handicapped accessible. Many have completed all or part of the maze in a wheelchair.

LoveWorks Sign: Can be visited May – December and changes with the season. Visiting hours are dawn to dusk.

Nearby Spots:

  • The Market at Grelen is 4 miles away. It’s a 1,000 acre tree nursery with hiking trails, a farm-to-table cafe, a European garden shop, and PYO farm.
  • Montpelier is ~4 miles away.
  • Monticello is 27 miles away.
  • We ended up eating at My Avocado-It’s Mexican grill with Mediterranean twist. It’s less than 8 miles from Liberty Mills. Everything is made fresh.

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