Snow Riders – Tubing in Harpers Ferry, WV

We haven’t had much snow this year, but we sure had a great time tubing at Snow Riders in Harpers Ferry. It’s the newest snow tubing spot on the east coast and boasts that it is the LONGEST sledding hill on the east coast.

Snow tubing wasn’t supposed to be opening here till Saturday, February 11, 2023. When it was announced that they would be open Monday, February 6, we decided to jump in the car and take the 2-hour drive from Fredericksburg.

It was well worth it. The kids had so much fun, and thanked me over and over for taking them. Better yet…the session we attended was $10 off.

Snow Riders Ticket Information:

  1. Tickets can ONLY be purchased online at the Snow Riders website.
  2. Before arriving, fill out an online waiver for each participant.
  3. Arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to check-in and watch the 3.5 minute safety video.
  4. Check-in is at the front counter inside the River Riders main building. You will receive a ticket for each participant. Your ticket must be visible at all times. It’s easy to attach to a zipper.
  5. After watching the safety video in the main building, head to the bottom of the hill to pick up one of the tubes provided for you.
  6. Walk to the Magic Carpet and ride to the top. The rides takes just under 3.5 minutes. Make sure you are standing and holding onto your sled.
  7. You will walk down a small ramp and head to the 12 tubing lanes. Choose which lane you want to use.
  8. You must wait for a clear lane before you can start your ride.
  9. If your tube doesn’t make it to the end, you must hop out and walk to the end of the lane. Then follow the path to the Magic Carpet.
  10. You have 1.5 hours to snow tube.

Location: 408 Alstadts Hill Road, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Requirements: Riders must be at least 36″ or taller. Participants under 42″ must go tandem with an adult.

Cost: Tickets start at $34/pp. A $2 energy surcharge and 12% taxes-fees will be added to each ticket. Tickets are more expensive on the weekends. Check the Snow Riders website for current prices.

Restrooms: You will find restrooms and separate changing areas inside the main building.

Parking: There are plenty of parking spots.

Season: Open February 5 – early March, 2023

Snow Riders Tips:

  • Dress in layers–My children wore snow boots, snow pants, coats, gloves, and hats. Harpers Ferry was 10 degrees cooler than the Fredericksburg area on the day we went. It was also very windy which made it feel colder. Check the weather before arriving.
  • Goggles are optional. My children said they weren’t needed.
  • Bring your own food. There are plenty of picnic tables. There is a small gift shop that sells drinks and a few snacks. There are vending machines for drinks. They do have a food truck, but it was just opening as we were leaving. Alstadts Alehouse above the River Riders main office should be opening mid-February. There is a short walking trail to the White Horse Tavern.
  • Downhill Disco–Schedule a night session to participate in Downhill Disco–a multi-color LED disco light show.

Things we did not expect:

  • The website said that there are fire pits. We did not see any fire pits. They are still in the process of getting these.
  • We did not find a seating area near the tubing hill. This is still to come. For now, if you are not sledding and just observing, you will have to stand at the bottom of the hill or near the top. Until the seating area is built, you may want to bring your own chair and a blanket. There are plenty of picnic tables near the main building, but it will be hard to watch riders from this distance.
  • The hot cocoa bar is actually hot cocoa served from the food truck – Two Rivers Tacos. Hot chocolates start at $5.79. They have fun add-ons for $0.99. Coffee is $3.49.

What we did find:

All the employees were very friendly and helpful. If they didn’t know an answer to a question, they went looking for the answer.

Snow Riders is definitely the perfect spot for some winter fun.

Make sure to check my Instagram stories for more information about Snow Riders — @familyadventuresva

If you’re interested in learning more about the LONGEST sledding hill on the EAST COAST, follow this LINK.

One thought on “Snow Riders – Tubing in Harpers Ferry, WV

  1. WOWEE that’s an enormously LOOOONG drive just to go sledding, but I guess you’re used to driving everywhere on the east coast, and some people COMMUTE close to that every day, so I suppose that is “normal”…(??)!! That just seems crazy to drive the same distance as Spokane to Bonners Ferry—what you did with us when you were my Maid of Honor and we drove to Todd’s hometown for the reception up there—to only go tubing BUT that “conveyor belt”-type deal to get you up the hill is awesome so the kids don’t have to trudge through the snow to get back up to the top every time. Oh I just realized: you all are super FLAT out there, so probably not a lot of local sledding hills near Fredericksburg like there are around here in the Inland NW, eh?! VERY COOL (ha ha, pun intended 😉) and as always: you’re amazingly detailed about it all!!!

    THANKS for sharing your cute kiddos (that aren’t so kid-like as they used to be when you started this blog, obviously)!!
    [signature 11-12]
    Jennifer Coffey

    509.230.2233 Cell
    22910 E. Appleway, Suite 6
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019
    “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” —Albert Pine


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