Mount Olympus Berry Farm

Strawberry Picking

Mount Olympus Farm is a family owned farm for over 30 years located between Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA.  You can pick-your-own (PYO) strawberries, blueberries and pumpkins.  They offer a large variety of high quality fresh vegetables including many heirloom varieties.  Their garden center has many perennials, herbs, annuals, shrubs, etc.  Can’t make it to their farm?  Look for the Mt. Olympus truck bringing fresh produce to several Northern Virginia producer-only farmer’s markets.   

Location: 23298 Jefferson Davis Highway, Ruther Glen, VA 22546  (~21 miles/30 min. from Fredericksburg)  



  • January/February: By appointment
  • March/April: Fri-Sun 11-4
  • May: Daily 9-6
  • June-Sept: (tentatively) Tues-Sun 10-6
  • October: (tentatively) Tues-Sun 10-5
  • November/December: TBD

For current picking conditions and daily information visit their Facebook page.

Pick-your-own information can be found HERE.



  • $3.80/lb.
  • They have containers for picking but with rising costs, they will have to pass on some of the cost. You are free to bring your own containers, but they need to be weighed first
  • Fields close weekdays at 5:00 pm and weekends at 4:30 p.m. to new arrivals
  • Bathroom is for emergency use only
  • Dogs are welcome on the farm but not in the fields due to food safety laws

The drive to Mount Olympus Berry Farm is easy. It just off of I-95 or a straight shot down Jefferson Davis Highway from Fredericksburg.

We parked at the market and asked for the PYO procedures since it was our first time. We were given a container to use for picking and were told which rows on which to pick. You can drive up to the picking fields or you can walk from the market. We decided to walk from the market since we already had a parking spot. The picking fields were rather busy. There were plenty of strawberries, though.

After picking, you head back to the market to have your strawberries weighed. The scales are outside. Those helping will weigh your strawberries and then write the weight down on a little piece of paper. You take that paper into the market to pay. You may want to browse their farm store before paying for your strawberries.

If you are using a card payment, your total must reach $5 or you’ll be charged 50 cents.

Checking out the grocery store before paying for our strawberries.

B ended up making a homemade strawberry pie with the strawberries we brought home.

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