50 Things to do in Spotsylvania

Spotsylvania County is full of Civil War history. There are several battlefields with ample opportunities to walk in the steps of history. But there are some unique adventures in Spotsylvania that may be news to you. If you are planning a day trip to Spotsylvania or just passing through, you’ll have to check out these fifty things to do. You’ll even find some added bonus adventures in Caroline County and Locust Grove.

If you live in the area, this is a great checklist of things to do. How many of these spots have you visited? You can definitely find your SPOT in Spotsylvania.

  1. Gather information about the area from the Spotsylvania Visitor Center
  2. Ride the FREE Little Yellow Train at the Rappahannock Train Museum
  3. Smile with a specialty shake from Battlefield Country Store
  4. “Amp Up Your Bowling Experience with Spark!” at Penny Lanes
  5. Go LOVE sign searching in Spotsylvania – There are three!
  6. Watch airplanes while you share shakes at Robin’s Nest Cafe
  7. Discover the unique history of the area by visiting the Spotsylvania County Museum
  8. Throw a frisbee on the 18-hold disc golf course at Loriella Park
  9. Celebrate Paul’s Bakery’s 50th anniversary by eating one of their famous doughnuts
  10. Rock climb at Rapp Rocks Climbing Gym
  11. Browse the variety of diecast cars at House of Cars
  12. Challenge yourself to an Adventures Ropes Course at Wilderness Presidential Resort
  13. Find fresh produce at the Spotsylvania Farmers Market
  14. Slide down a 3-story slide at Patriot Park’s “Paw Patrol” playground
  15. Go beach swimming at Lake Anna State Park
  16. Throw an axe at FXBG Axes
  17. Stroll along the StoryWalk at Battlefield Elementary School
  18. Visit Stonewall Jackson’s death site
  19. Attend an open gym slot at Paragon Gymnastics
  20. Ride your bicycle on the Virginia Central Trail
  21. Shop a large variety of Asian goods at Five Mile International Supermarket
  22. Test your golfing skills at New Post Golf Range
  23. Catch a car race at Dominion Raceway
  24. Enjoy an artisan popsicle from Happy Michoacana
  25. Attend a fall festival at Belvedere Plantation
  26. Go fishing at Hunting Run Reservoir
  27. Frolic at the fenced in playground at Keswick Park
  28. Race the clock at Rush Hour Live Escape Rooms
  29. Stretch your legs on a short hike at Ni River Trail/ Salamander Loop
  30. Hunt for treasures at Artifact
  31. Pick strawberries and more at Miller Farms Market
  32. Rent a boat at Ni River Reservoir
  33. Stop in Itavie for some homemade gelato
  34. See significant sites on the African American Heritage Trail
  35. Make a difference by eating at Hope Heroes Southern Kitchen
  36. Set your eyes on rare aircraft at the Shannon Airport Museum
  37. Watch a Civil War film at Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitor Center
  38. Learn more about African-American history at the John J. Wright Cultural Center & Museum
  39. Visit Belmont Park – Spotsylvania’s newest park
  40. Attend the Virginia Renaissance Faire at Lake Anna Winery
  41. Walk the trails at The First Day at Chancellorsville Battlefield
  42. Chomp on a King Kong pretzel at Gourmeltz
  43. Feast on fresh Iraqi bread at Baghdad Mediterranean Market
  44. Enjoy a soft serve cone at Jimmy T’s Soft Serve
  45. Play with kittens at the Fredericksburg SPCA
  46. Attend an event at Wilderness Run Vineyards
  47. Test your knowledge at a Legends Grille Trivia Night
  48. Review Civil War history by visiting Prospect Hill
  49. Visit the Chick-fil-A location where the famous Chick-fil-A sauce was invented
  50. Soak in Civil War history at the Spotsylvania Battlefield

Locust Grove

  1. See the spot where Stonewall Jackson’s hand is buried at Ellwood Manor
  2. Find yummy ice cream flavors at Cool Zone Ice Cream
  3. Have a Hawaiian plate lunch at Spoon and Fork
  4. Hike to a Civil War witness tree at Siegen Forest
  5. Schedule a private goat cuddling session at Happy Meadow Farm (Orange)
  6. Indulge in a hand-dipped cone at the Icebox Creamery

Caroline County

  1. Coast down mountain slides at Snead’s Asparagus Farm
  2. Snap a photo in front of Bowling Green’s LOVE sign
  3. See one of the largest baleen whale exhibits in the United States at the Caroline County Museum

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